Lara Stone prefers appearing in controversial fashion shoots.

The Dutch model - whose latest advert for Calvin Klein has been banned in Australia as the country's Advertising Standards Bureau deemed it to be sexually violent - believes she looks better in risqué photographs because they suit her personality.

She said: "I think naughty shoots suit my personality. I don't mind doing a straightforward fashion shoot, but it's more fun when there's something naughty in it."

The 26-year-old beauty confesses she is glad to be representing curvier Women on the catwalk, but is unsure if she personally has anything to do with the shift.

She explained: "It shouldn't necessarily be all about size. I think it should be about Diversity, because it's boring if everybody looks the same. In The Real World there are so many different shapes, sizes, colours and backgrounds.

"I don't know how much I personally had to do with any of it, but I think it's great that things are changing."

Lara also admits she never expected to be a model as a teenager because she got laughed at for the gap in her front teeth.

She added to the Observer magazine: "In school I was always the funny-looking, tall, skinny kid that got made fun of because of my weird teeth. When some one comes up and says you should be a model, it's the last thing you expect to hear."