Lara Stone has nothing to ''wish for''.

The 30-year-old model - who has 10-month-old son Alfred with husband David Walliams - is delighted with her life since getting sober in 2009 and sometimes can't believe how lucky she has been in her career.

Speaking to the April edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine, she said: ''I have a house, a husband, a good job, a beautiful baby - at the moment I don't have anything else to wish for...

''When I stop and think about it - which I don't do very often - I think, 'This doesn't make any sense.'

''I look around and see thousands of girls who could have had this career.''

Lara checked into rehab to receive help for alcoholism five years ago after realising she needed to change her life.

She said: ''One day I woke and thought, 'I can't live like this anymore.' ''

And the Dutch beauty admitted alcohol used to make her aggressive.

She added: ''I've picked a lot of fights in my day, but no one ever wanted to hit me back.''

Lara discussed her first date with David, who she married in 2010, saying she was ''so nervous'' before they went out for the first time - and recalled a disastrous end to the evening.

She said: ''I was in the cab home afterward and thought, I should text him and thank him for dinner. When I did, he texted back, 'Who's this?' ''