Lara Logan, the American news correspondent who was sexually assaulted in Egypt last week, has received an on-air apology from NIR ROSEN, the journalist who joked about her vicious attack.
LARA LOGAN has received an apology from NIR ROSEN, the journalist who this week resigned from his fellowship at NYU's Centre on Law and Security after making jokes about Logan's assault, reports the Huffington post.Logan was assaulted by a mob of men after she was separated from her crew in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Rosen made a number of tasteless jokes on his Twitter page about the attack, including one that referred to Anderson Cooper, that read, "Yes, yes, it's wrong what happened to her, of course. I don't support that. But it would have been funny if it happened to Anderson, too." Rosen appeared on Cooper's show yesterday (16th February 2011) to apologise for his comments. The news anchor pushed Rosen on his reasoning for the Tweets, saying, "You seem to be saying it would be funny if I were sexually assaulted or more violently assaulted in some way than I had already been", to which Rosen replied, "I was a jerk". He described his comments about Logan as "thoughtless" and added that he had 'forgotten' he was essentially speaking to hundreds of thousands of people.
Logan was released from an undisclosed hospital this week and is now resting at home near Washington DC with her husband and daughters.