JACK NICHOLSON'S ex-lover Lara Flynn Boyle has swapped her sugar daddy for a toy boy.

The Men In Black II actress, 33, split from 66-year-old Nicholson in January (03), and is now romancing 24-year-old automotive heir JAY PENSKE.

Boyle and Penske - who dated four years ago - have been spotted together again in Los Angeles restaurants and nightclubs over recent weeks.

A friend of Penske's tells America's STAR MAGAZINE, "Jay's a playboy. He and Lara were secretly involved for at least a year four years ago when he was still in college. They broke up when she started seeing Jack Nicholson, but now that Jack's out of the picture she's back with Jay."

Lara's age-gap romance is following a current trend of female celebrities dating toy boys - in recent months 40-year-old Demi Moore has begun seeing 25-year-old Ashton Kutcher, and 30-year-old Cameron Diaz is wooing 22-year-old pop boy JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

24/07/2003 21:29