Actress Lara Flynn Boyle refuses to respond to questions about her fluctuating weight - because she fears honesty always lands celebrities in trouble.

The THREESOME star's drastic weight loss became a hot topic of discussion for celebrity magazines, and Boyle was subsequently hounded by inquisitive journalists desperate to hear her confess to an eating disorder.

However, the fiercely private actress has warned gossips and fans they'll never know how or why she allowed her frame to shrink so much.

She says, "I understand the critiquing that goes on in the media, particularly the fascination with my weight, because I have been underweight at times. But I have always said that I'm in the business to entertain.

"It's a waste of time to explain how or what I'm eating, because then the bad press spirals even more out of control."

03/03/2005 17:41