Lara Bingle loves wearing concealer with a ''cakey formula''.

The 29-year-old model - who is now known as Lara Worthington after she married actor Sam Worthington in 2014 - has admitted she doesn't wear ''much'' make-up but when she does she opts for ''quite natural'' cosmetics because she prefers a minimalist aesthetic and will smother her under-eye area in a lot of the skin-coloured product to ensure the product lasts.

Speaking to Byrdie Beauty about her appearance and style hacks, the blonde-haired icon said: ''I like a cakey formula to really cover things.

''Quite natural but not too natural. I love products that are multipurpose and that I can use in more than one way ... My look day to day is very minimal, with maybe a little bit more for night. Most of the time I don't wear much make-up.''

And the star believes as she has matured she doesn't need to wear many beauty products, and instead focuses on her skincare regime and making her complexion look radiant.

She explained: ''Since I've gotten older, I feel I don't need as much. I think skin is the most important thing as then you don't have to wear much make-up, so I try and focus on that. I prioritise things like always taking off my make-up and wearing sunscreen.''

And Lara - who has two-year-old son Rocket with her spouse - avoids using conditioner when she washes her hair because it makes her golden locks look ''too nice'', although she is forced to apply the product to her tresses when her hair is knotty.

She explained: ''I don't really use conditioner - it makes my hair too nice - but sometimes I take it because you have to if your hair gets knotty.''