A teenager injured in former PRISON BREAK star LANE GARRISON's drink driving crash is suing the incarcerated actor for her parents' loss of earnings while they cared for her.
Garrison was sentenced to serve 40 months behind bars after pleading guilty to a drink driving charge in October 2007.
He crashed his car while drunk and the accident left a 17-year-old passenger dead.
And now, fellow passenger Michelle Ohana has filed a suit at Los Angeles Superior Court seeking damages of $25,000 (GBP16,000) to cover her care costs following the crash.
According to TMZ.com, Ohana claims the actor "demonstrated a conscious and deliberate disregard for the rights, safety, and interests of others by voluntarily commencing, and thereafter continuing, to consume alcoholic beverages to the point of intoxication, knowing from the outset that he must thereafter operate a motor vehicle."
Ohana's parents, Robin and Asher Ohana, acted as carers for the then 15-year-old who was left wheelchair-bound for two months after the accident.
The suit claims losses for the "reasonable value of home nursing care gratuitously furnished by Robin Ohana and Asher Ohana".