'N SYNC star Lance Bass had an unexpected bed partner this morning (17SEP03) - in the form of Sharon Osbourne.

The GONE singer was sleeping in his suite at Los Angeles' plush REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE hotel when the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne turned up at his door with a cup of coffee for him.

After waking up the trained cosmonaut, Sharon slid into bed with him and conducted an interview for her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW, before encouraging him to get in the shower and dress for his scheduled meeting.

As he made his way to the bathroom, clad in just boxer shorts, cheeky Sharon commented, "You've got a great bum by the way!"

But rather than get left out of the action, Sharon joined Bass in the bathroom, sitting on the bath as he cleansed himself in the shower cubicle.

And Sharon managed to get a souvenir from her visit - the pop singer's autographed towel.

She told her delighted audience, "Lance actually rubbed his old willy with this, he rubbed his bum, under the armpits, the whole nine yards and it smells gorgeous!" Sharon plans to give away the towel on her website SHARONOSBOURNE.COM.

17/09/2003 21:17