Lance Bass wouldn't want his future kids to go into music.

The *NSYNC star isn't sure he would like his future children to follow in his footsteps because of how much rejection there is in the music industry.

He said: ''I would let them do whatever they want, but I would try to encourage something other than music. It's just a hard business, and in this business you get told 'No' 99 percent of the time, and I don't want my kid to go through that. It takes a very strong will to stay in this business. I'd rather them play baseball.''

And the 39-year-old singer wouldn't be opposed to having twins or even triplets.

He added: ''We want them all! I would love a boy and a girl! So we will see. We will try for something. Twins work. I'll take triplets.''

Lance and his husband Michael Turchin, 31, are well on the way to starting a family and are already looking for a surrogate and a donor.

He told People magazine: ''We find our surrogate and then we find the donor. Once we find the donor and the surrogate, we make our babies and then we [implant] the healthiest embryos that we can make. Nine months later, we have a baby!''

Meanwhile, Lance previously revealed he is planning to start a family with Michael this year but he's admitted he's not ''really prepared'' for the responsibility.

He explained: ''We're starting our family this year, so it's nice to know we have this much support. I don't think anyone is really prepared to have kids. I think you just have to go with the flow ... We have tons of friends who have gone through the process. We're interviewing everyone.''