Lance Bass is planning to start a family with his husband Michael Turchin this year.

The 38-year-old former Nsync star is excited about the prospect of becoming a parent for the first time, but he's admitted he's not ''really prepared'' for the responsibility that's set to come his way.

He explained: ''We're starting our family this year, so it's nice to know we have this much support.

''I don't think anyone is really prepared to have kids. I think you just have to go with the flow.''

Lance revealed they've already started ''interviewing'' their friends about the challenges of parenthood.

He told Us Weekly: ''We have tons of friends who have gone through the process. We're interviewing everyone.''

The loved-up couple tied the knot in December 2014 after three years of dating, having become engaged in 2013.

As well as planning to become a parent, Lance is also hard at work developing a new talk show that could air later this year.

The American singer shared: ''Pilot season, so I'm in development right now. I've got a talk show hopefully coming out this year at some point. That's all we're kind of focused on right now.''

However, he refused to reveal too many details because the show is still in its developmental stage.

He said: ''Can't really get into it yet because it's just a pilot.''

Meanwhile, Lance previously admitted he is open to the prospect of welcoming twins.

The 'It's Gonna Be Me' hitmaker insisted he isn't scared about suddenly having two children at home, because his 31-year-old husband is a twin.

Asked about the prospect of having twins via a surrogate, he explained: ''No, actually it doesn't scare me because my husband's a twin. He knows exactly how to handle twins.''