Newly 'outed' pop star Lance Bass is delighted he plucked up the courage to confess all about his secret gay life - because it has worked wonders for his career. The former 'N Sync star-turned-movie producer ended months of speculation when he announced he was gay and dating US reality TV star REICHEN LEHMKUHL earlier this summer (06). And now Bass can't help thinking why he left it so long to reveal all about his secret. He says, "I'm totally happy. I'm like a completely different person. It just sucks with all the lies you have to tell, especially being in the business. "Now it's like, 'Wow, I don't have to tell any lies to get jobs, so it's cool. "Personally, nothing has changed. I have the same friends. I have the same family. I think, business-wise, it's been crazy, because everyone is paying attention to what I'm doing now... Everyone's been very supportive." Bass admits the toughest thing about his 'coming out' was telling his mother he was gay. He admits, "She was a little shocked."