Lance Bass' ex-girlfriend was relieved when the pop star revealed he was gay to her - because she knew something was wrong with their relationship. Pretty actress Danielle Fishel romanced the former 'N Sync star in the late '90s and has remained friends with the BYE BYE BYE singer. Fishel reveals Bass 'came out' to her years ago and she has been keeping his secret ever since. But she was glad her ex took the trouble to tell her about his sexuality - because it helped her come to terms with the issues that ended their romance. The actress says, "There were things that seemed odd (while we were dating)... He wasn't nearly as affectionate as I wanted him to be. "But I was 17; I wasn't thinking, 'Maybe my boyfriend is gay.' "I'm very happy for him that he was finally able to take this step publicly... I'm just so proud that he can now live the full life he deserves."