Newly-outed gay star Lance Bass was part of a planned St Valentine's Day (14FEB06) hoax, romantically linking him to actress pal Jamie Lynn Sigler - but The Sopranos star wouldn't agree to play his girlfriend. The stars were promoting Disney TV show HIGGLYTOWN HEROES when a publicity boss for the company thought it would be a good idea to hook the couple up. A WENN reporter, who was privy to the secret plan, says, "The PR suggested it would make a nice St Valentine's Day story and sent an email to Sigler's people. The response was 'Absolutely not!' and the ruse was buried." Bass and Sigler are longtime friends and the actress often joined the former 'N Sync star and boyfriend REICHEN LEHMKUHL in public to help the singer hide his sexuality - when the paparazzi pounced, Sigler would often hold Bass' hand or put her arm around him. But she wouldn't pretend to be his girlfriend, as Bass desperately tried to hide the fact he was gay. In an exclusive WENN interview to promote his appearance as a smitten electrician, in love with Sigler's teacher character, on Higglytown Heroes, Bass was keen to promote himself as a ladies' man. When asked if he's used Valentine's Day to propose to a loved one - just like his animated character - he said, "Absolutely not. It's a little too cliched. You can't share that day with everyone else. It's got to be special; you have to be creative. "When I pop the question, which is pretty scary to think about right now, it would definitely be interesting and exciting. "What's really romantic is you go scuba diving with a girl and you shuck an oyster and there's the ring inside." Bass even lied about his relationship status, insisting he was single: "It's really great when you have someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with but, this year, will be the first Valentine's I've been single in six years. "A lot of my single friends are going to have a fun day because we all love each other. When I had a girlfriend I liked doing romantic dinners and I love picnics. "One time my girlfriend took me horseback riding up in the mountains in Los Angeles and had a picnic."