LATEST: Cyclist Lance Armstrong is "torn" that his relationship with Sheryl Crow didn't work out, because she showed him a love he'd never experienced before.

The Tour De France star announced his engagement and romance with Crow was over at the weekend (04FEB06) and mentioned the split briefly on his satellite radio show on Sunday night, which he closed with a favourite Crow song, Letter To God.

Acknowledging his troubled week, Armstrong said, "Obviously, this week was a rough week for us, but that doesn't change the fact that I think Sheryl is an unbelievable lady, one of the smartest, wisest, most gifted people I've ever met and a person that I can honestly say has shown me a love that I never knew.

"It's only fair that I say that and it's only fair that we play one of her songs tonight and not run from the situation.

"I'm torn that it didn't work out but that doesn't matter.

"Fans of mine are fans of hers and hopefully fans of hers are fans of mine. She's a great lady and it deserves to be that way. So this is my favourite song, which I think we've played before on the show, on her newest record. It's a song called Letter To God."

The pair got engaged in September (04). The seven-time Tour De France champion, who famously overcame testicular cancer, has three children from a previous marriage, while Crow was set to wed for the first time.