The cyber criminal accessed the Summertime Sadness singer's social media page on Tuesday (07Jun16) and began sending out multiple disparaging tweets about Muslims while referencing the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S.

"bush did 911," one message read, referencing then-U.S. president George W. Bush, while another communicated, "all muslims are terrorists".

There were also sexually explicit messages posted.

The vile items were the first tweets to appear on Del Rey's Twitter page since 4 April (16), and they were quickly removed.

The nasty tweets appeared to be the work of Romanian hacker Sw4ylol, who is also believed to be the prankster behind messages sent from Katy Perry’s account on 30 May (16). Those tweets referenced Taylor Swift, whose account had previously been hacked in 2015.

The Del Rey hacks are also similar to the ones posted on Kylie Jenner’s Twitter account on Monday (06Jun16). The cyber criminal behind them tagged both Swift and Perry in tweets and also mentioned Justin Bieber in a lewd message, and the existence of a sex tape featuring Jenner and her rapper ex Tyga.

Jenner posted a Snapchat video to assure fans she was “just letting (the hacker) have fun".

All of the offensive tweets have since been removed from Perry, Jenner, and Del Rey’s accounts.

Lana has yet to comment on the messages posted on Tuesday and attributed to @lolsw4y.

After gaining access to Katy Perry's social media accounts last week, Sw4ylol leaked an unreleased Perry track, called Witness 1.3, via a SoundCloud link.

The prankster later shared a screenshot of an email received from SoundCloud officials ordering him or her to take the song off the site, after they were contacted by the Universal Music Group on behalf of the singer.