Lana Del Rey finished a rousing Independence Day set at the Montreux Jazz Festival with her song 'National Anthem', finding favor even though Canada celebrate their own independence day with Canada Day on July 1st and not the 4th like the Americans. "I hope you liked it, we're happy to be here on the 4th of July," Del Rey said at the finale of her set, before launching into 'National Anthem', as images of the American flag, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy splashed across screens.
Finishing abruptly, she said "Ok guys, we'll see you" and reached out to touch fans as she exited the stage without returning for an encore. Her performance, which saw her play for 45 minutes, drew praise from the audience although many were disappointed with how little time she stuck around for. "She was amazing, mesmerising," said India Plummer, visiting from Britain, to Reuters. "It was a bit short, I would have listened longer. The supporting act was too long."
"It was very good, but 45 minutes is a little light. She didn't even introduce the musicians," Dany Faigaux of Geneva said as he left the Miles Davis Hall, named after the influential jazz trumpeter. It is the 46th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival and has also seen Bob Dylan, Katie Melua and Hugh Laurie perform among others.