LATEST: The death of Lana Clarkson should be considered suicide, because scientific evidence will prove the actress put the gun in her own mouth and pulled the trigger, lawyers for music producer Phil Spector said yesterday (26Apr07). Spector has been accused of the fatal shooting of actress Clarkson, who was found slumped in the foyer of his Los Angeles home in February 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and claims Clarkson committed suicide. The producer's attorney, Bruce Cutler, argued in Los Angeles Superior Court that Spector couldn't possibly have killed Clarkson, because forensic proof will show that she closed her lips around the barrel of the gun, as opposed to a murderer forcing it into her mouth. He said, "The gun was held by the decedent (deceased) when it was fired. The gun was in her mouth, put there by her. "There were no broken teeth. There is no evidence a gun was forced into her mouth." Another member of Spector's legal team, Linda Kenny-Baden, added, "The government ignored the science or bent the science when it did not support their findings. The science will prove she killed herself." And Cutler insists Spector had no bad feelings towards Clarkson when he invited her back to his home. He said, "Phillip harboured no malice to the decedent. He had just met her. There was no dispute." On the opening day of the trial on Wednesday (25Apr07), Cutler accused the first police officers on the scene of having "murder on their mind" because they were intoxicated by the prospect of arresting such a famous face. The trial continues.