Lana Clarkson's family have hit out at Phil Spector's claims the actress committed suicide at his Los Angeles home.

In an interview with US network ABC, Clarkson's sister, FAWN, labelled Spector's claim that the B-movie star died at his LA mansion after taking her own life "preposterous", insisting they'd made arrangements to watch the movie Chicago together.

She says, "I've known my sister my whole life and there's no way she committed suicide."

Clarkson's mother, Donna, adds, "My answer to 'Did she kill herself?' is 'Of course not'. I think the evidence will speak for itself - and in my heart I know the truth. I know my daughter.

"I'd like Mr Spector to tell the truth. I'd like him to tell everyone what happened."

Spector was charged with Clarkson's murder last year (04), following the discovery of her body on 3 February (03) at his home. She had been shot in the face.

13/01/2005 17:28