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well if you want to talk about hate... let's talk about that "rap crap" they call music.....? I think Prussian blue has come along way. I mean WOW two little white girls sing a few songs and that gets the black folks all upset......? at least those two little girls won't be in the welfare line !! unlike so many blacks I see getting free handouts.

Posted 10 years 11 months ago by bobbyblueyzz

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Having lived in the town they hail from (pardon the pun), I must say, this is par for the course. They're probably from the north Bakersfield area near Oildale. This section of town is notorious for KKK marches in public, and is generally full of trailer trash. There are a lot of minorities who live in this part of town. The high school in this section (North High) is notorious for race fights between the white and minority students.I remember growing up there, and a school friend of mine explained that I couldn't come over to his house because his parents didn't approve of my people (I'm half European and half South Asian, but most everyone assumes I am Jewish, until they see my schmeckle).This section of California is more similar to rural Oklahoma and Texas than what people consider California (coastal - surf's up - laid back - mellow). During the dust bowl in the 30's, many "Oakies" moved to the town to be exploited. Their progeny are the majority of the white population.So basically, these misled gals are the tip of the iceburg. There are enclaves of dumb, ignorant, white trash people all over the U.S. These people are ignorant and uneducated, and are jealous of minorities who go to college and better themselves. They think it's a conspiracy, but they did this to themselves. These are people that are so misinformed, they think the Holocaust never happened.Whenever I hear these people complain about how disenfranchised the white people are, I'd like to let them have my job for a day... Here, write some Java code... Write this SQL query with 23 joins in it. The reason these people are poor and ignorant is that they spend their time learning about revisionist history instead of subjects that can actually lead to employment. They are dumb trailer trash, and the best they can do is to concoct fairy tales about how minorities are keeping them down... in reality, they do it to themselves.I now live in San Francisco, which is a proper California city. Even here, there are skinheads. A lot of biker gang types are also into the neo-Nazi movement.I think this deserves attention. These girls are the tip of the iceburg. As the U.S. becomes less and less white, their hate grows even more. We need to expose these evil and ignorant people for what they are.

Posted 11 years 11 months ago by Bako_refugee

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They're assholes. Proud of your white skin?What's different from coloured people if I take out all your skins?Is God white?No.Does white skin mean 'you can be proud of it?'No.I hope that Jesus who had suffered for everyone on the earth may judge that stupid family and burn their skins with hell fire.They will meet bunt hilter in hell. He is black now :)And they'll be black soon.Their mother lied for safety of stupid girls, huh.Did american granfathers fight for those betrayers in WW2?You stupid girls and your mother really never know how you live peacefully in US.Is US soldiers' blood in WW2 for you?No!!!!You Nazi!!! Get out of US. You're not united with us. US is a free country for whoever love peace, justice over all human, not for you Nazi!!!

Posted 11 years 11 months ago by Stupid.

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