American teen twin duo PRUSSIAN BLUE have defended the racial hatred featuring heavily in their songs, insisting they just want "people to stay white".

The 13-year-old blondes, Lamb and LYNX, call themselves a "white power" band and regularly perform for the neo-Nazi National Alliance at Holocaust denial camps.

They are also close to former Ku Klux Klan leader DAVID DUKE and help him attract political support.

Their song SACRIFICE is an ode to former German dictator Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Lynx says, "We are proud of being white. We want our people to stay white, we don't want to be just a big muddle. We want to preserve our race."

TED SHAR, president of the America's Association for the Advancement of Coloured People's Legal Defence Fund, says, "It breaks my heart to see those kids spewing out that kind of garbage.

The twins' mother APRIL insists, "(They) simply want to perform their songs: songs about Vikings and German history."