Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has put his recent imprisonment in the Czech Republic behind him and signed up to host a monthly radio show.

The rocker was locked up in Prague for more than a month in relation to the death of a fan at a gig in 2010, and he was freed in August (12).

Blythe resumed his commitments with the band, and now he has landed a new show, entitled The Crucible, on SiriusXm's Liquid Metal channel.

The star says, "A crucible is defined as a difficult or trying experience, one that you come out of harder and more refined and more pure. Sometimes life is like that - you have to step into the fire to burn away all the c**p and and just take the pain that comes with it. It hurts, but if you want to be a better person, you face this stuff and forge yourself anew, purer and harder.

"One thing that has always helped me through these times is music. So, on my show, I'll be playing songs by bands that have helped shape me into the man that I am today, that have gotten me through the rough s**t.

"Right now (due to scheduling and my uncertain future), the show will be once a month. I want to do it more often eventually, but right now I'm kinda busy and have a situation to settle."

Blythe is accused of pushing a male fan offstage at a gig in Prague in 2010. The 19 year old reportedly died of a brain haemorrhage several weeks after the incident and the rocker has vowed to return to the Czech Republic to face trial if he is summoned.