The heavy rocker is not a fan of the tycoon-turned-politician, who has upset many American voters with his controversial remarks about immigration and Islam, and he has promised fans he will emigrate if Trump is voted President Barack Obama's successor.

"I think he's going to burn himself out," he tells Metal Inside. "I think he's going to say something so overarchingly stupid that people are finally going to be unable to accept what he's saying anymore. But I almost think he's a purposeful clown, a tool.

"I don't know if he really wants to be president. He might just be a foil for the Republican party to say, 'We've gotta be tough right now in our international relations policy, but not with this guy', so they'll get someone who looks more moderate into office. They'll say, 'We still need to be strong, hawkish right now, but no, not Donald Trump'. I mean, it's ludicrous the things that he says. He's making s**t up."

But Blythe isn't so sure Trump won't get elected, adding, "If he is the president... I am leaving America 'til he's gone."

As of Monday (07Dec15), Trump is leading the Republican Party hopefuls.