Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has called on concert venue bosses to step up stage security to prevent future accidents, three years after a fan died from injuries sustained at his show.

In 2010 Blythe was accused of contributing to the death of Daniel Nosek, who suffered fatal injuries at one of the rocker's gigs in the Czech Republic after falling off the stage during an alleged scuffle with the 42 year old.

The musician was acquitted of manslaughter charges in March (13) and now he is pleading with promoters, as well as club and stadium owners, to put safety first at all gigs.

In a lengthy open letter on his page, he writes, "If you are a promoter or club manager/owner, make sure your security and barricades are sufficient for the event you will be having on any given night. Security is there to protect the band, the fans, and your business.

"If you cannot provide a safe environment for a show that requires security and barricades, do not have it. You have no business playing around with people's lives for a few extra dollars. No amount of money is worth the risk of someone dying in your establishment.

"Your club will probably shut down anyway, because no one will want to play there. All of us in bands talk amongst each other, and if you're shady, we will all eventually know."

Blythe also urged concertgoers to make smart decisions - and always look out for each other, explaining, "If you are a fan and are going to a lamb of god show or Any Show where there will be moshing, crowd surfing, etc. - know that what you are doing carries a risk. Use your brain - if it is too rough for you, get out before you get hurt.

"If you are wasted on whatever, please realize that you are not a stuntman, sit your a** down at the bar, and relax. Being obliterated is not conducive to injury free concert activities.

"Also, for Pete's sake, if you are moshing and someone falls down, Pick Them Up... This is our community, and we should take care of each other. A show is a place we are supposed to be together, having a good time, supporting one another. The real world will beat you down enough - we don't need to get stomped on at a show. Give each other a hand. If you want to crowd surf, know this - if someone drops you, you could die. Instantly. That's just the truth. I don't know any other way to say it (sic)."