The rocker entered a downward spiral after splitting from a girlfriend when he was 24, and he consumed sleeping pills and booze in a bid to end his life, but he woke up in a rage and attempted to burn his home down.

In a video filmed for mental health awareness charity The You Rock Foundation, Randy explains, "I had a complete meltdown... I can't really blame this sort of meltdown on me breaking up with a girlfriend - it had been building and building.

"I came home from a wedding... and I was really drunk, and ate... two or three boxes of sleeping pills... I lay down on my couch and I'm just like, 'I'm gonna die, this is awesome, I'm done with this terrible world'... But what happened was I woke up crazy and drunk... Just completely out of (my) mind... So I took some furniture... and sat it on top of our gas stove... Caught it on fire and tried to burn the house down..."

A neighbour called the emergency services and the rocker was detained before being admitted to a hospital in Virginia.

"I'm swinging from the trees in the backyard, the house is on fire... The fire department comes... The police show up," he adds. "They handcuffed me... they thought I was on crack, they didn't realise I was having this... complete emotional breakdown. I was trying to exit this existence... They put me in a psych ward... Pumping my stomach... I spent about three days on the psych ward."

Randy admits he continued to abuse drugs and alcohol for more than 20 years before he turned his life around.

"I never tried to kill myself again," he explains. "But I never dealt with the problem, which was me. I never talked to people about it. I just kept pouring more and more alcohol and drugs on it... Slowly I accepted some help from people, and put the drink and drugs away and slowly my life began to get better."