It's not getting any easier for Lamb of God and their front man Randy Blythe, in spite of the fact that the vocalist has paid the initially requested $250,000 required to get him out on bail from Czech prison. That amount has been rejected by a Czech prosecutor who now wants $400,000 from him to secure his release, according to The Gauntlet. This of course has meant that Lamb Of God has been forced to cancel their remaining tour dates with Dethklok.
Blythe was first arrested as the group touched down in Prague, Czech Republic on June 27th to play a show in the capital. The arrest, it has now been widely reported, related to an incident at a gig in 2010 in the same city in which the singer had pushed a fan, identified by Czech media as Daniel N, off stage after he'd lept on. The man subsequently suffered injuries after hitting the concrete which subsequently killed him and Blythe is now up for manslaughter.
So next for Blythe is that the prosecutor will submit a reason why he's denied Blythe's bail before a judge. The judge will then take five days to consider and rule his decision, with another five days taken to write or publish the ruling to court. That decision will be final and if finding in favour of Blythe he'll be free to leave the country on bail. As it stands though it still looks like another 10 days minimum under arrest.