Heavy metal band Lamb of God have cancelled a concert in Monterrey, Mexico after promoters allegedly failed to "fulfill their obligations".
The rockers were due to perform in the city on 6 October (10) but they have now pulled out of the show, insisting they wouldn't have been "presented in a professional way".
In a statement to their fans, the group's publicist says, "Due to circumstances outside of the band's control, Lamb of God will not be able to perform in Monterrey on October 6, 2010. While the band was anxiously looking forward to play (sic) for their fans in Monterrey, the promoter did not fulfill their obligations in regards to the band's fee, travel, or production logistics. Therefore, the band did not feel the show would be presented in a professional way for the band's performance or for their fans.
"The band apologises to all of the people that purchased tickets to the show and promises to return in the future to play. The show in Mexico City on October 5 will go on as scheduled."