Lamar Odom's friends claim he isn't behind the scathing Twitter attack on his father.

The 33-year-old basketball player - whose marriage to Khloe Kardashian Odom is on the rocks after allegations of infidelity and rumours of cocaine addiction - appeared to lash out at his father, Joe Odom, on the social networking site on Tuesday night (09.24.13), after Joe criticised the Kardashian family accusing them of ruining his son's life and ''controlling'' him.

However, Lamar's close pals have now told gossip website TMZ the strapping star couldn't have sent the aggressive messages - in which he blamed his dad, a former heroin addict, for his current problems - because he has deliberately been avoiding the internet since being kicked out of his marital home.

The friends insist Lamar's Twitter attack is ''bogus'' as he isn't even aware of the comments Joe made to British magazine heat about his in-laws.

Joe took to Twitter himself to address the post on Lamar's account, writing: ''@TMZ that ain't HIM''.

He then added, ''#ilovemySON'', and ''@KhloeKardashian i love you Khlo''.

Lamar is reported to be confiscating his visitors' phones as soon as they step over the threshold of his hiding place so no one discovers his whereabouts.

TMZ reports: ''Lamar, we're told, is unbelievably paranoid about anyone knowing his whereabouts by tapping his phone. He has a 15-second rule in the house - no one can be on his phone for longer than that.''