Lamar Odom is reportedly ''sad'' his marriage to Khloé Kardashian is over.

The 32-year-old reality star filed for divorce from the retired basketball player in 2013, and their split was finally legalised on Saturday (17.12.16) after a judge approved their documents last week.

Despite having been separated from the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star for three years, Lamar is reportedly ''emotional'' about the end of their relationship, and ''knows he blew it'' with the beauty.

A source said: ''Lamar takes things really hard, whether it is something serious or something very little and minuscule.

''So when it comes to his divorce being finalised he is thinking of all the good times, all the help Khloe gave him when he was in the hospital, and knows he blew it.

''He had a great girl and he will eventually move on, but it is a sad time for Lamar because he knows he let the right girl get away. He is very emotional about it ending officially.''

And the 35-year-old sports star is reportedly ''in shock'' at the official end of their divorce.

A second source told ''He's in shock that their divorce is final and he's p***ed because he knows this is all his doing.

''Khloe loved him hard, terribly hard and Lamar knows in his soul that he may never find another woman like her again and that's a real realty gut check.''

Although the television personality first filed for divorce from the former NBA star in December 2013, four years into their marriage, she temporarily called off the divorce when Lamar was rushed to hospital after a drink and drug binge at a Nevada brothel.

However, Khloe had always intended to refile for divorce once Lamar got better and in May 2016, she resubmitted the documents to the court.

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that Lamar is ''completely out'' of Khloe's life but she stills cares deeply for him.

A source said: ''Lamar is out of her life completely. No animosity there - she still cares about him, she still wants him to be safe, but it's over.''