Lamar Odom's alleged drug dealer has cut him off.

The 33-year-old basketball star's regular crack cocaine supplier reportedly stopped taking his incessant phone calls as he believes Lamar's addiction has reached a dangerous level and feared he would be prosecuted if the troubled player suffered an overdose.

But a source told gossip website that the NBA star, who is married to 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' beauty Khloe Kardashian, immediately went on the hunt for a new drug dealer after his supply was cut off last week and he has not stopped using.

Lamar resurfaced at Los Angeles sushi restaurant Octopus on Friday (06.09.13) for some miso soup and green tea with a friend amid rumours his wife has no idea where he has been staying since he checked out of a rehab facility on Thursday (05.09.13) just one day after checking in.

According to sources Khloe doesn't know where her husband is and hasn't had contact with him since she also ''cut him off'' a week ago after a heated argument and failed intervention.

The reality TV star sparked concern after she posted an eerie message on Twitter on Friday night, saying: ''I wish it were night forever.''

She later suggested she is doing ''alright'' and is seeking comfort among her family members, including her sister Kendall Jenner as she retweeted the 18-year-old model's message, ''stay close to me, so close to me...that's how it's supposed to be. say it's going to be alright,'' adding ''I love you sweet lady!''