Lamar Odom has been arrested on suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence).

The basketball star - who has been accused of cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian and allegedly taking crack cocaine - was stopped by the California Highway Patrol in his white Mercedes SUV at 3.25am on Friday (30.08.13).

According to a report compiled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Lamar, 33, showed ''objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform sobriety tests as explained and demonstrated''.

He was booked into Van Nuys Jail at 5.01 am before posting $15,000 bail and was released at 8.33am.

The arrest comes amid claims Khloe's mother Kris recently held an emergency two-hour meeting with divorce attorney Laura Wasser - who also took care of sister Kim Kardashian's legal separation from Kris Humphries - in order to extricate Khloe from the marriage.

Sources told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''Kris wants Khloe to get her prenup money, plus the penalty for cheating. Kim, Kourtney (Khloe's sisters) and Kris want her to dump him. You can't live with a drug addict.''

However, Khloe - who has been spotted still wearing her wedding ring - is keen to ''save'' her husband, get him help for his alleged drug problems and work through their marital problems.

Another source said: ''She is in love and does not want a divorce.''