Lamar Odom took cocaine on Saturday (10.10.15), according to the 911 call made after his collapse at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday (13.10.15).

Richard Hunter, the Love Ranch brothel's media director told the emergency operator that Lamar had been taking the Class A drug but finished it on Saturday.

In a recording which has been made public, he said: ''Someone just told me that he had some cocaine on him that he finished on Saturday. Since then he's been alert, conscious and all that.''

When the operator asked, ''As far as you know, no cocaine since Saturday?'', Mr Hunter replied: ''That is correct.''

Although brothel owner Dennis Hof said that over his four-day stay, Lamar consumed 10 herbal Viagra pills called Reload and two-thirds of a bottle of cognac, but no drugs were found, sources told that Lamar was using cocaine.

A source told the site: ''Lamar seemed really stressed out when he showed up, the girls tried to relax him and gave him a full body massage.

''But ultimately he wanted to party and would break down in tears from time to time. He told the girls he was a broken man, that he thought his life was a mess and he had no direction.

''He was partying non-stop, using cocaine and taking Viagra and the girls saw other drugs paraphernalia lying around.

''It was sad to see, he was a shadow of the NBA star we all know and love.''

Meanwhile, Lamar's ex Khloe Kardashian is believed to be making medical decisions for the former basketball star as although she filed for divorce in 2013 amid claims he'd cheated on her and was addicted to crack cocaine, there is said to be a backlog in the family law courts and it has not yet been processed.

35-year-old former basketball star Lamar remains in a critical condition in a Nevada hospital.