Lake Bell has struggled with her maternity style.

The 'Million Dollar Arm' actress is currently expecting her first child with tattoo artist husband Scott Campbell, but the usually stylish actress has admitted that her wardrobe hasn't been as chic since falling pregnant.

In an interview with Vogue, she joked: ''It's less enjoyable right now,

''I'm seven months pregnant and my style sense is a little off! At the moment, I'm just aiming to keep my sanity and continue to feel as chic as one can. I have to straddle a line of being tasteful and looking good; I need a shape that looks elegant and is supportive without being too hot: it's a daily negotiation!''

However, the 35-year-old Disney star did reveal that she still tries to look good when she travels, but confessed that it has been ''tricky'' with a baby on the way.

She shared: ''There has been quite a bit of travel and I feel I always need to look nice for a flight - that was instilled in me early, much as I want to just be comfortable - so my outfit choices have really had to get innovative.''

Lake revealed that she enjoyed portraying her 'Million Dollar Arm' character, Brenda opposite the 'Mad Men' actor, Jon Hamm who plays the sports agent J.B.

The brunette explained: ''She's not a model, she's a medical student, and she doesn't really give a s**t. With roles like this, it's not about the size; it's about what it brings to the story.''