Lake Bell has named her baby boy Ozzy.

The 'No Escape' actress welcomed her second child into the world with her husband Scott Campbell - in June but, although the happy news was confirmed, details about the little one - including his sex, weight and name - were sparse at the time.

When asked if she and her spouse had named their son after Ozzy Osbourne, Lake replied: ''No, but we can go with that. He's great. It was one of those things where my husband and I were so excited to have just one kid. We have a beautiful daughter, Nova. She's awesome - named after the Chevy, obviously. It's also celestial, but you know what I mean - more so the Chevy. We were so excited to travel the world.''

While the couple - who got married in 2013 - are thrilled with their little family, the pair's two-year-old daughter Nova hasn't adapted to the new arrival so well.

Speaking on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Wednesday (16.08.17), Lake explained: ''She's having some trouble. She plays with the baby dolls and stuff, so I thought it was going to be a shoo-in--like a real, live baby doll. She's having trouble with it. Her main thing is she just wants screen time, because we haven't done that yet. We're going to do it; it's part of the thing, right? She's going to get there.''

And since becoming a mother of two children, the 38-year-old beauty's life has changed ''vastly'' and she now has to schedule in alone time with her husband.

She said: ''When you have one kid, you think it's really hard. Now you're in the big leagues. There's so much wrangling and so many logistics. Your marriage turns into just a logistics conversation. The other day - and I promise this is without hyperbole; this really happened - we were going through our schedules. So, we really made a moment in our schedule to plan our schedule. That happened.''