Lady Sovereign's date with a twenty-something fan who successfully wooed the British hip-hop star ended in disaster, even though he hired a yacht for the occasion. ZACH SLOW campaigned for a date with the star on his website, and when he raised $10,000 (GBP5,100) to fund a date, Sovereign agreed to meet the desperate Romeo. But the intimate night, which included being picked up in a SUV limo, a harbour cruise in a private yacht and a luxury suite at a five-star hotel, turned out to be a disaster for the HOODIE hitmaker. She says, "Ugh. Don't bring that up. It wasn't what I expected. It was awful." But Slow has hit back at the claims, insisting, "This is total bull. She was flipping out that she was on a private yacht all night long. And not only did I witness this, but the multiple people on the boat did as well. "Plus, let's be real - she was on a private yacht and had $10,000 spent on her in a matter of hours. Dude, Donald Trump would have fun with me in those circumstances!"