British rapper Lady Sovereign has accused Grammy-nominated singer Corinne Bailey Rae of being a "fake" - insisting her sugary sweet songs are "c**p". Sovereign - real name LOUISE HARMAN - briefly met the PUT YOUR RECORDS ON star backstage at the recording of a British TV show and was unimpressed by her pleasant personality to match. She says, "I told her she was boring and that she should be called Corrine 'Boring' Rae. "I think she's a fake. She's too nice. She sings about life being as sweet as roses but it's not. It's c**p." An unfazed Bailey Rae retorts, "After meeting big stars like Mary J Blige and hearing they love my music I don't really care what they (celebrity critics) think." Lady Sovereign isn't the first star to brand the singer bland - last week (12FEB07) Lily Allen confessed she hoped Bailey Rae didn't pick up a Brit Award for the exact same reason. But maybe Allen should turn her attentions to Lady Sovereign instead - after slamming Bailey Rae, the acid-tongued rapper blasted Allen for having her career too easy, fuming, "Just because her dad (actor Keith Allen) is famous, she doesn't have to work as hard as me."