British rapper Lady Sovereign confronted TV bosses during her stint on a U.K. reality show accusing DYNASTY actress Stephanie Beacham of bullying her.
The hip-hop star, real name Louise Harman, was one of several celebrities - including Beacham, actors Vinnie Jones and Stephen Baldwin and singer Sisqo - to take part in Celebrity Big Brother, which is currently airing in Britain.
But after she was voted off the show on Monday (18Jan10) for behaving badly, Harman claims she only acted up to defend herself against the rest of the 'housemates' who ostracised her.
And the star points the finger at 61-year-old Beacham and ex-boyband star Dane Bowers as the main antagonists.
She tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I was bullied into making myself look absolutely horrible and that wasn't the case.
"Everyone was bullying me except Sisqo and Stephen. I would say the main bullies were Dane and Stephanie, without a doubt.
"At one point I went to the Diary Room and I wouldn't say I was close to tears, but I was very sensitive about the issue of bullying.
"I said it was unacceptable that certain people were treating me this way. I expressed my feelings but, at the same time, I stood up to them. No one was bothered, though."
But a spokesperson for the show insists they closely monitored the action - and didn't feel as if any bullying took place.
A rep says, "The welfare of housemates is of paramount importance and unacceptable behaviour, including bullying, is not tolerated in the BB house.
"All housemates are monitored closely around the clock by a dedicated team and procedures are in place, including access to BB at any time, to ensure that housemates feel supported."