LATEST: Rapper JELLY DONUT has come to the defence of ZACH SLOW - the man who paid $10,000 (GBP5,550) to take Lady Sovereign on a date only to be criticised by her afterwards. Donut accompanied Slow on the date with British singer Sovereign - real name LOUISE HARMAN - in June 2006 and was disgusted by the star's childish attitude. In a post on his MySpace blog he writes about her behaviour that evening. He says, "She was having a blast until half-way through the night when lil' Sov got too wasted and all pouty. It was as if a clown showed up to her birthday when she really wanted a pony. "Zach's stunt had just earned her a ton of publicity and we just wanted to have a crazy night. I guess we hadn't counted on her being a cranky t**t."