Rapper Lady Sovereign has urged the authorities in her native England to stop focusing on hoodie-wearing teens and look towards old ladies as the nation's secret criminals. The HOODIE hitmaker fears fashion-conscious teenagers are being picked on by the elderly, who are the real villains in streets and malls. Lady Sovereign, real name LOUISE HARMAN, explains, "If someone's half covering their face (with a hoodie), then older people get scared about that. "They think that in shopping malls, if you wear a hoodie, it's going to cover your face for the security cameras. But it don't actually cover your face, it covers the back of your head. "What about grannies that wear rain bonnets? That's the same thing, but they get away with murder. "They're dangerous. Every time I see them in airports these days, they're getting searched. They've lived long enough to be bored and hate life. Beware."