LATEST: British rapper Lady Sovereign has apologised for her behaviour at a New York gig last Friday (18May07), during which she proclaimed "F**k America" before walking offstage after two songs complaining of depression. The Love Me Or Hate Me star told the crowd at Studio B in Brooklyn she was only performing for financial gain as she can't afford to pay her rent. Lady Sovereign, who is currently supporting Gwen Stefani on her U.S. tour, told the crowd, "I'm sorry but I have to do this for the money - I'm so broke right now. "I'm just about paying my rent. I'm gonna be homeless in two weeks. I'm not even joking. You don't understand I've just come out of depression… This is so painful to do." However, Lady Sovereign has now issued an apology for walking out of her headlining concert. In a statement, she says: "I know how stupid I must have looked on Friday, I was tired and not in the mood, having a bad day. But that's no excuse for letting fans down, I'm sorry to those that were at Studio B to see me".