British rapper Lady Sovereign has upset the fan who paid $10,000 (GBP5,130) to wine her and dine her in May (06) - because she's too honest about the date in interviews. ZACH SLOW rented out a yacht, a limousine and a top hotel room in San Francisco, California after winning the chance to spend quality time with the rap star, real name LOUISE HARMAN - but she didn't enjoy the night out. And, to make matters worse, the chart star has been telling interviewers she was bored on the boat. She says, "I just didn't enjoy it... I don't even know this guy. "We had this massive yacht and all he brought on it was me, my manager, one friend, a photographer, and someone else... I wanted to bring my people and just party. "He e-mailed my manager because he wasn't very pleased with things I have been saying about him."