Lady GaGa has once again come under fire in the Asian leg of her world tour, this time in Thailand, after Culture Ministers in the country branded her show "offensive" - largely down to the use of the country's national flag during her sell-out concert last month.

The pop sensation wore a traditional Thai headdress and a bikini during a segment of the show whilst sitting on a motorcycle with a Thai flag tied to it. Government officials have branded the segment of the show as an offense against the people of Thailand, however Culture Ministers have gone on to say that they will not be seeking legal action against the pop diva according to Reuters UK.

The 'Poker Face' singer performed in front of approximately 50,000 fans in the country's capital of Bangkok on May 25. Despite being widely popular in each of the places she's visited so far, her show have caused further controversy in the Philippines and South Korea and also had to cancel her show in Indonesia after Islamic groups objected to her "vulgar" style.

This is not the only time she came into conflict with the government during her short stay as she Tweeted to her 24 million followers upon her arrival in Bangkok that she planned on buying a fake Rolex watch at one of the city's omnipresent street markets. Unsurprisingly, Thai officials were quick to bemoan Gaga for undermining the country's ever-present problem with piracy. Gaga is yet to make any comment on either of the incidents as her tour moves on.