N-Dubz think Flo Rida is a "plonker".

The trio - who recently topped the UK singles chart with 'Number 1', their collaboration with Tinchy Strider - have no time for the US rapper because he shunned them and ignored their attempts to praise him on his musical success.

Dappy told Loaded magazine: "He is a plonker. The only reason that he's a plonker is because we said hell to him and he just had no time for us. Fazer tried to shake his hand and Flo Rida just ignored him. Flo Rida, you are a plonker."

Fazer added: "I just said to him, 'Congratulations blud,' but he just walked straight past me."

The British group - also consisting of female bandmate Tulisa - recently revealed they want to duet with 'Poker Face' singer Lady GaGa but wouldn't want to follow her outrageous clothing style.

Rapper Fazer said: "Lady GaGa's doing really well so it would be good to do a collaboration. But I won't be wearing just pants to perform - that's not cool."