It was announced on Tuesday (16Aug16) the singer-turned-actress would be starring in the Bradley Cooper-directed remake of the classic film, and Bomer, who played Gaga's lover in the fifth season of Ryan Murphy's TV series American Horror Story, had nothing but praise for the star when the news was revealed to him.

"That's fantastic!" the 38-year-old told Entertainment Tonight on Friday (19Aug16). "She is gonna slay that!"

"I'm excited," the Magic Mike star added. "I'll be there opening night, front row, popcorn ready."

Bomer will be reportedly reunite with his American Horror Story co-star for the sixth season of the show, which is slated to premiere on 14 September (16). Gaga, who played the Countess in the show's fifth season, won a Golden Globe for her efforts earlier this year (16).

In addition to acting in A Star is Born, Gaga will also be lending her songwriting expertise to the movie.

Reports of the pop star's involvement in the project first surfaced in April (16), when Gaga was photographed hitching a ride on Cooper's motorcycle as they made their way to a dinner date in Los Angeles.

The classic movie, which was first released in 1937, revolves around a wannabe singer who moves to Hollywood and is discovered by an alcoholic and troubled actor.

Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have both played the role Gaga is taking on in 1954 and 1976 films, respectively.