Lady GaGa's mum broke down in tears on the set of the pop star's video for Marry The Night after the singer refused to use a double for her dangerous stunts.
Gaga invited her parents Cynthia and Joseph Germanotta to watch her shoot her latest promo, in which she writhes naked in a bath, is hospitalised in a clinic, and dances in the streets.
But the singer admits her mum was less than impressed when Gaga decided to put her safety on the line to shoot scenes in front of exploding cars and open flames.
She says, "We really lit the cars on fire, we really exploded them. My dad and my mum were in a car somewhere and my mum was, like, crying and so upset because I didn't want to use a stunt double.
"I never use doubles for anything. So we filmed this shot of the explosion and I remember thinking back then if they told me I could stand 15 feet away from a car while it explodes in a music video, I wouldn't have flinched. So don't flinch now. I just stood there. If you flinch after all that - it's like taking a sip of water when you're 10 feet from the end of a marathon."