Lady GaGa fans swamped Time Square on Thursday, as they were treated to the television premiere for her new You & I video, which was followed by a live Q & A session with MTV's SWAY CALLOWAY. She confirmed in the interview that she will be performing at this year's Mtv Video Music Awards (VMA's).Lady Gaga joins the already stellar list of VMA performers for this year, which includes Adele, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Young The Giant. Gaga is nominated for four awards: Best Female Video ('Born This Way'), Best Art Direction ('Judas'), Best Choreography ('Judas') and Best Video with a Message ('Born This Way').
According to Billboard, a huge sign was unfurled outside Time Square stating "GAGA TO OPEN VMA'S!!!", so rather than break the news herself, she let the fans outside read it. She said: "I thought as usual, instead of me announcing it, I'd let the Little Monsters do it for me." She also opened up about how she felt about opening the awards, saying: "It means the world to me. "I just feel really blessed every day. I have the most amazing fans."