Lady GaGa has issued a public appeal to her fans urging them not to dabble with dangerous drugs.

The Poker Face hitmaker has been honest about her past experiments with illegal substances, and in a new interview she opens up about her experiences with Ecstasy.

Gags admits she has taken the dance drug, also known as Molly, while attending music festivals, but she warns fans not to follow her example.

When asked about experiences on U.S. Tv show Watch What Happens Live, Gaga says, "I think maybe it's hard to remember (the last time I took Ecstasy). I have done it... like in my raver days. I spent a lot of time at Bonnaroo and going to a lot of festivals.

"I definitely wouldn't encourage it because it can be dangerous, especially if you don't know where you are getting it from. So I would use this opportunity to tell you to be careful with Molly. If you get to know Molly too well you might turn out like me."