Lady GaGa is planning to play 'ARTPOP' in full at her forthcoming live shows.

The 'Applause' singer is gearing up for the release of her third album on November 8, and hoping to play it in its entirety when she goes on the road.

During a Twitter chat with fans earlier today (14.10.13), she wrote: ''Favorite part of tracklisting, that 'APPLAUSE' ends the album. My dream is to do the entire album top to bottom every night at the show!''

The star also talked further about the sound of the record, and how she is planning to take things to the next level.

When asked if 'ARTPOP' is ''like the outerspace we know, or a different universe''

she replied: ''It is a complete and total transportation from pop culture as you know it into an explosion of art fantasy, rage and eros.(sic)''

Gaga, 27, also told how her life had been ''completely'' changed while making her latest album, adding ''been depressed handing it in. its my friend or something. (sic)''

She also gave her thanks to DJ White Shadow for the amount of work and effort he put into making the record with her.

She tweeted: ''@djws was a really good friend to me and work so many long hrs on this album. You should welcome him. He care deeply for ARTPOP. (sic)''