The Born This Way star recently earned her first-ever Academy Award nomination for co-writing Til It Happens to You with veteran songwriter Diane Warren, and she will take the stage at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles to perform the track when The Hunting Ground is honoured with the Stanley Kramer Award at the PGAs.

The special prize is given to films or individuals that raise awareness of pressing social issues.

The movie explores sexual assault on college campuses and why the perpetrators often go unpunished.

Producers Guild Awards co-chairs Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd have praised Gaga's advocacy in a statement which reads: "Well beyond her status as one of the most exciting performers working today, we admire and appreciate Lady GaGa‘s commitment as an outspoken advocate for those whose voices often go unheard. In her activism, she truly embodies the spirit of Stanley Kramer, and we are doubly honored to have her join us in honoring The Hunting Ground in his name."

Gaga and Warren were recently the centre of controversy when singer/songwriter Linda Perry took to to suggest the pop star was only given a co-writing credit to boost the exposure of the track.

She later apologised after Warren insisted the tune was a "special collaboration between myself and Lady Gaga," who "made it hers and took it to another level by arranging the s**t out of it and singing the s**t out of it."