Lady GaGa has been tipped to appear in Versace's spring advertising campaign.

The 'Applause' singer was reportedly involved in a photo shoot for the iconic luxury brand with famed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggo during her recent visit to London.

Gaga has been a long-time favourite of the Italian company, spearheaded by Donatella Versace, and memorably featured vintage dresses from the fashion house in her 2011 music video for 'The Edge of Glory'.

The 27-year-old singer has even written a ''love letter'' to the designer in the form of a song on her latest album 'ARTPOP'.

Speaking of the track entitled 'Donatella', Gaga told ''It's about being a fearless female and not caring what people say about you - being proud of who you are and walking the walk no matter what.''

The singer further explained: ''Donatella, maybe she's a bitch, maybe she's too skinny, maybe she's too rich, maybe she's too out there. Or, maybe she's brilliant, maybe she's intelligent, maybe she's strong, maybe she's everything, maybe she's Donatella.''

Humbled by Gaga's flattery, it wasn't long before Donatella responded to the star in an email written to the celebrity gossip website, which read: ''I would like to thank Gaga for her geniality, creativity, incredible talent and super bitchiness. I am honoured to be her friend and of course I love the song!''