Pop superstar Lady GaGa stepped up her crazy onstage antics at the South by Southwest festival in Texas on Thursday night (13Mar14) by dressing as a hog roast on a spit and performing with a "vomit painter".

The Poker Face singer made her debut at the Austin event by performing at the Stubb's Bbq restaurant for around 2,000 fans, and she made a big impression by embracing the evening's cooked meat theme.

Gaga kicked off the show by roasting herself on a spit as her dancers basted her with barbecue sauce, she then invited performance artist Millie Brown onto the stage during a rendition of her track Swine.

Brown, who is described as a "vomit painter", swallowed a container full of green liquid before forcing herself to be sick over the stage. The Brit then vomited a black liquid onto the singer's body.

The show also featured a guest appearance by rapper Twista, who performed with the singer on her song Jewels N Drugs, and a rodeo performance on a giant mechanical pig.